Corner Loop

The standard four loop bags is a workhorse design for FIBCs

Q’settle,steady Bag

FIBCs with inner construction of baffles sewn to the main fabric toavoid bulging of bag

Conical Bag

FIBCs especially suitable to pack Tacky (not so free flowing) products

Cross Corner Bag

Cross Corner loop bag has loops stitched on the body of the main fabric

Ventillated Bag

Breathable bags are FIBCs where the fabric has breathable stripes

Tunnel Loop Bag

Excellent for ease of and manipulating the FIBCs with a fork-lift       

Circular FIBC

Excellent for ease of lifting and manipulating the FIBCs with a fork-lift

UN Bag

Special types of bags used for transportation of dangerous materials

Conductive Bag

Handling of especially Designed for Explosive material